Sergimmo’s Salumeria

I was absolutely thrilled when my husband took me into a little doorway two blocks from my house and I discovered… I was in ITALY!  There is a real for real SALUMERIA right next to my building and I didn’t even notice!  (If you look in the below photo, all those little windows in the background are right next to my office window.)  Sergimmo’s Salumeria (456 9th Avenue  Manhattan) is sandwiched between the laundromat and an abandoned building at the very bottom of Hell’s Kitchen, and the neighborhood is so prone to change that I don’t really pay attention to what pops up and closes down on that unsuccessful dingy block.  But Sergimmo’s is already becoming a neighborhood cult classic, and every Italian that works in the area has honed in on it as the place to be for lunch.  They have plenty of cute white marble cafe tables so as day transitions to night it makes a creative spot to take a date.  Sergimmo’s serve cured meats, fresh made cheeses, olives that BURST with flavor, octopus, flakey baked treats, authentic pannini, you name it.  And as if that wasn’t enough, there are other dry staples that you will appreciate if you have spent any time in the region of Italy (I felt like I was stepping into Croatia).  Kinder chocolate, Nutella, Lemon Pellegrino, specialty boxed pastas and panetonne.  My husband decreed that I have to stop frequenting it because I am dropping so much cash on proscuitto, but he sure didn’t complain when he found some in the fridge at snack time today!


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