Puppy’s Bar Mitzvah!

Our little boy has become a man… yes that’s right, Puppy now has his very own website! It’s http://ohpuppy.wordpress.com/.  Come on by and grab a handful of candy, no costume required.

I have put up a lot of Halloween material just in time for the Great Pumpkin’s visit to earth.  Wouldn’t you like to stop by and see where Puppy lives?  xoxo annie and puppy

My comic book is HERE!

I was shaking with joy when the doorman called me down for my special package today… it’s PUPPY! The compendium!  176 pages of glorious pastel colorful cartoons, glossy paperback cover, super happy super fun for everyone…

I spent two years drawing these comics which appeared every week on Fred Flare.com.  In this book young Puppy explores the Big Apple having grand adventures and always in pursuit of the beautiful but fickle ‘Miss Duck’.  Their relationship was sort of inspired by Schroeder’s crush on the little redhead (from Peanuts) and by every relationship I’ve ever been in!  Sometimes Miss Duck is me, sometimes she’s a friend (or enemy) but it’s always way too close to truth.  Find out if he wins her in the end!  Available on Lulu…


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