Creative Animation Workshop

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Come little chickens and learn to animate in paper! Stop motion is an immediate, inexpensive, and satisfying way to express yourself, with great potential for off the cuff humorous improvisation and daring narratives. Let’s journey together into your boiling imagination and see what we can pull out together! Summer Snow is bringing a new season of Masterclasses to the gorgeous Sanpete Valley and I want to invite you to be in my class. There will be two weeks of art workshops in disciplines ranging from traditional oil painting to bookmaking, printmaking and of course animation. Workshop dates: June 16-20th. See for more details.

The Shiny Bicycle

My latest animation, produced by Nicole Anderson and Chinkara Singh Guidry for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a true story and was a perfect opportunity for a learning moment. I have always wanted to work with the church so I was soooo excited to get to do this! My favorite part is the voice at the very end… I won’t be a spoiler!


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