Puppy likes to talk on the phone!

Oh Puppy iphone case

Cartoon iphone case by AnniePoon


Hi friends and family! This cute bright phone case design features Puppy of course! It is a visual daydream in which he goes through some of his many incartations- the mountain guru, the breakdancer, the avid reader, breakfast afficionado, and the lopsided muscle man! His nemesis Mr. Fancy Crocodile is even featured but you will have to examine it in person to find him (mwah ha ha)!

My Dream of Reason

My Dream of Reason

So here’s a peek at a very exciting project- I am going to share some guts of a very special sketchbook, my FAVORITE one. It was created when I was working on my longest animation, The Book of Visions. Here is a concept sketch for that movie. Who doesn’t have demons? Mine are all inside here. Coming to my Etsy shop in July.


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